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Why is it important to use all-natural baby wash?

It is always our priority to keep our babies safe. Sometimes, we use the products which contain several chemicals and preservatives which can react with the skin.

For babies skincare, it is vital to use the natural baby products and baby body wash because:

·      Babies’ skin is sensitive:

Babies’ skin is more sensitive than adults. Babies are more likely to suffer from skin reactions and rashes due to the use of certain products.

·      Swallow safe:

Babies can't differentiate in swallowing the food and any product. While washing them, there is more chance for them to swallow the product residues. Therefore, you must use the best natural baby products, which would not cause severe damage if swallowed mistakenly.


·      Reduce irritation:

Most of the products contain fragrances and parabens to preserve the products for a longer time. These compounds present in the products can cause severe irritation in sensitive infants or babies. Therefore, you need to use the baby wash without fragrances and with organic ingredients.

In some kids they can tend to have a different reaction if they have any exposure to the trigger product.

 Most of the kids can be a genetic carrier for skin diseases, but they can show the reaction on exposure.


What are the skin related issues that are caused by using harmful chemicals on babies?

Children are more prone to developing skin conditions and infections than healthy adults due to the prematurity of their skin physiology.

In childhood, parents try to keep the hygiene of the baby with the help of diapers, talcum powders, gels, and moisturizers. All these products can contain dangerous chemicals tending to react with the baby's skin.

The most common skin conditions among babies are:

·      Dermatitis:

Skin rash or dermatitis is the most common skin condition among kids. They tend to acquire this condition with the prolonged use of diapers and fragrant wipes.

Dermatitis can be of four types among children:

o   Seborrheic dermatitis

o   Contact dermatitis (allergic)

o   Yeast dermatitis

o   Irritant contact dermatitis

·      Warts:

Warts are the virus-borne disease common among the children. The most common places for warts infection are feet, hands, and fingers.

The most common products which can lead to warts infection among children are shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners.

·      Childhood acne:

Acne can persist among the children due to t the use of body products as hair shampoos, gels, moisturizers, and conditioners. The products which contain organic ingredients (organic baby skincare, organic baby wash) can decrease exposure.


Why use goats milk and essential oils for a baby wash?

The reasons for using goat milk body wash and essential oils for baby wash are:

·      The skin of babies need gentle cleansing:

As babies do not interact with the external environment, they do not need extensive cleaning. Goat milk helps to provide gentle cleansing, yet it cleanses deeply. Baby's skin is so sensitive that harsh cleansing and rubbing can damage their skin leading to bruises and contusions due to the breakage of tiny blood vessels underneath the skin.

·      Reduction in inflammation and irritation:

Essential oils help to relax and calm the body's conditions. Most of the times, babies get irritation and inflammation over the back of their head, nape, thighs, and their genital organs. To relieve these symptoms, you can use the essential oils to overcome the bacterial agent yet provide a relaxational feel to the baby.

It also provides baby acne treatment naturally.

·      Moisturizing:

Goat milk does not leave the body dry. Babies need gentle moisturization and hydration, which is easily accessible with the use of goat milk products and baby washes. Goat milk contains plenty of glycerine, fatty acids, and essential proteins that are moisturizing and hydrating for the skin. Goat milk can also fill the gaps and cracks in the skin due to dehydration.


What are the benefits of using goat’s milk for a baby wash?

Benefits of goat milk for babies:

1.    Similar pH to human skin:

Goat milk has a pH similar to the skin of humans. A similar pH helps to maintain the homeostasis of the skin. It does not disturb the pH either to acidic or basic state.


2.    Vitals nutrients and vitamins:

Goat milk contains all the essential vitamins like vitamin E, C, B6, B1, and B12. Other than it, goat milk also contains amino acids, alpha hydroxyl acid, and zinc elements.  These ingredients help in extra care and gentleness for the skin.


3.    Delicate:

Goat milk has a soft consistency and texture. As babies’ skin is too delicate, goat milk can act as a perfect combo for their skin. It is easily absorbable in the skin and reduces the inflammation and irritation of the baby's skin.

4.    Deep cleansing:

As goat milk natural body wash is easily penetrable in the skin, it can go inside the skin pores and deep layers to extract out all the dirt gently. Babies always require gentle cleansing, which is achievable with the use of goat milk products for them.

5.    Moisturization:

Goat milk natural baby skincare can act as a natural moisturizer for the babies. It does not contain any artificial compound. So, your baby would not need to use any commercial product for moisturization.


Can Goats milk baby wash be a treatment for eczema and other common skin issues?

Goat milk shampoo and baby wash can act as the best agent to cure or relieve the symptoms of eczema among children.

Eczema is a skin problem which skin has symptoms of inflammation, irritation, itchiness, cracking, redness, and skin patches. Every child can have an individual severity of the condition.

Goat milk can help with eczema (eczema baby natural treatment) and other skin conditions like acne, rashes, and irritation because of its healing properties.


 Goat milk can:

·      Heal the damaged skin:

Eczema can be painful for the children, which can physically affect their skin. Goat milk contains alpha hydroxyl acids, which promote the renewal of the skin cells and help in removing the dead skin cells.


·      Gentle on the skin:

Goat milk is the most suitable choice for kids with sensitive skin. Eczema's condition requires the best skin hygiene and cleanliness to avoid its spread and improve its prognosis. Goat milk wash and skin products can help to carry out an extensive yet gentle cleansing, which is helpful for the baby.


·      Hydration for skin:

Goat milk is full of fatty acids and glycerine. These ingredients help to lock in the moisture inside the cells. In this way, the goat milk products can help your baby to have long-lasting skin hydration and moisturization. This property helps to combat most of the skin conditions among kids.

What is the best all-natural baby wash?

Organic or natural baby washes are present all over online sources and markets. The best baby skincare products Australia is available on the online source are the Blânche beauty natural baby products.

These natural baby products claim up to their mark with:

·      Maximum quality control

·      Maximum benefits with the best ingredients in their products

·      Easily available and cost-effective all-natural baby products

Most of these products contain goat milk and other gentle ingredients that are incredibly beneficial for the skin of children.

Parents can have no concern with the use of these all-natural baby products (best natural baby wash, natural baby shampoo).

These products can best serve your purpose of natural care for kids. With the help of these natural washes, you can maximise the protection of your kids while providing the best cleansing and care to them.